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you can't touch this

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[28 Nov 2004|03:02pm]

what up elitists
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[17 Mar 2004|07:45pm]

Ooookay this community is the greatest. join.  beautyandbitch  is the name. Being a beauty and being a bitch is the game.
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fried rice is bomb [06 Jan 2004|05:28pm]

[ mood | awesome ]

so i was feeling kinda shitty today; im sick and its cloudy and im bored.
but then i remembered that i should be happy because i'm AWESOME and i'm better than almost everyone.

realizations like that are bomb.

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[10 Dec 2003|03:55pm]

i know that we are better than, well, everyone. but i think i found our competition.

click me! they look innocent, but you just wait and see.

if we practice enough, we can take them.
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[08 Dec 2003|11:51pm]

[ mood | bored ]

where's the love?

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PROPOSAL [01 Dec 2003|06:15pm]

ok so i propose that brian richard colgan, (lj name: inkandpaint) should be invited to join this community for the following reasons:

1. his entries are always a perfect mix of intelligence and wit
2. he does not post obsessively, just one in a while
3. he said this: RocKool732 (6:05:15 PM): so saturday night I got high and went to the beach...it was a total chaminade moment
4. i am better than almost everyone, and he is friends with me, so that means he has to be better than most people.

what do you say, kids?
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[20 Nov 2003|06:59pm]
2003-11-20 16:12

nicole, you know it isn't like me to read your journal or communicate with you in any way, but after reading that post i have become thoroughly convinced that you are better than everyone.

yes, brian. yes.
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[16 Nov 2003|10:54pm]

ob solet e asian: ali1+ ali1 = ali2
kissedlikethis x: you cant add me to myself shaun
ob solet e asian: oh yes i can
ob solet e asian: ali1+ ali1 = ali2
kissedlikethis x: ok.
kissedlikethis x: shaun
ob solet e asian: ali^2 * al^2 = ali to the fourth power
kissedlikethis x: i dont know how many times i have to tell you this, or what it will do to get through to you
kissedlikethis x: but
kissedlikethis x: there are not 2 of me. only one.
ob solet e asian: ali1
ob solet e asian: if you have a one
ob solet e asian: than thier must be a 2
kissedlikethis x: implying that you cant just make another one of me, (although i know wed all like 2 alis), just to add me to myself.

im so much better than everyone, that katies boyfriend wishes there were two of me.
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dear nicole [09 Nov 2003|09:50pm]

dearest nicole e prior,

you should really make this community closed, so that you have to get permission to join. to prevent creepy people from joining. and to be way more elitist.
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I kick ass, but you already knew that... [06 Nov 2003|08:33pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

YES!!!! Holy shit, a community where everyone else thinks they're the greatest. I think that's the best. I thought I was the only narcissistic person on LJ. Fuck all them whiny ass bitches moaning in their livejournals about a bad acid trip or their boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's panties winding up in the laundry. Bah! I'm 23 and I work in a university library. I'm by far the cutest girl here, and definitely dress the best. I'm a classical pianist, but I'm not too narcissistic about that, I still have a long way to go. I think self-love is under-appreciated (heh, that's like an oxymoron). Since when is it bad to be happy with your appearance, your personality, etc. Hell, I even think my perfect ass is proof of the existence of God. Here's to self-adoration! I'm a pirate!

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[05 Nov 2003|10:05am]
let's list some people that we are better than.
that will bring this community back.

1. sum 41
2. the weird sign language girl who lives next to lindsey
3. that cereal killer guy
4. the benjamins (she's half asleep and bothering me)
5. clay aiken
6. chris hale
7. anyone who ever worked at jamba juice #28
8. janet jackson
9. annoying girls from my old school

i invite you to all make similar lists to facilitate our superiority.
thank you.
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[05 Nov 2003|10:03am]

im so much better than most of the people at this school.
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AWESOME AM I [05 Nov 2003|09:54am]
sorry; i've been lacking on the whole preaching the better than you word.

but just know i still am. (better than you)
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[28 Oct 2003|01:41pm]

[ mood | better than ]

for halloween im going to be better than everyone
although thats not much a costume as it is a way of life.

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[23 Oct 2003|11:10pm]

this community has seen better days =/
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[21 Oct 2003|11:45pm]

maybe we should have a field trip to the park and make fun of people who are inferior to us?
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[19 Oct 2003|10:08pm]

clearly i was cut out for something of this magnitude since i, as a baby, am the user picture. i rock.
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[18 Oct 2003|01:42am]

this group has failed itself.

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[17 Oct 2003|04:26pm]

could we consider this a utopia?
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[17 Oct 2003|09:59am]

[ mood | THE BEST!!!!! ]

feelings of superiority are bliss.

if i'm ever upset, all i have to do is think about how great my friends are, my pets are, my internet connection is, i am, and i'm happy again.

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