freshly scraped off the sidewalk (evilpolkamuse) wrote in better_thanyou,
freshly scraped off the sidewalk

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I kick ass, but you already knew that...

YES!!!! Holy shit, a community where everyone else thinks they're the greatest. I think that's the best. I thought I was the only narcissistic person on LJ. Fuck all them whiny ass bitches moaning in their livejournals about a bad acid trip or their boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's panties winding up in the laundry. Bah! I'm 23 and I work in a university library. I'm by far the cutest girl here, and definitely dress the best. I'm a classical pianist, but I'm not too narcissistic about that, I still have a long way to go. I think self-love is under-appreciated (heh, that's like an oxymoron). Since when is it bad to be happy with your appearance, your personality, etc. Hell, I even think my perfect ass is proof of the existence of God. Here's to self-adoration! I'm a pirate!
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